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 Newsletter: March 2018
 Posted: Mar 4 2018, 05:44 AM
by: Brock
You care so much you feel as though you will bleed to death with the pain of it.

Though spring is still just around the corner, we've switched over to our spring skin. It certainly doesn't match the snow still outside of my home, but here's to hoping, right?

I will be posting an LOA for this, but just so everyone is aware, I'm taking two trips in this month and part of April, so I won't be around often toward the end of March. However, I will reply to any questions as soon as I can. Just be aware that my response time to PMs and posts will be slower than usual.

As you can see, our skin is vibrant and spring-y! Does it remind anyone else of cotton candy? As always, our banner books have been changed out. I've personally read "Traveler", and I adored it. I just discovered that the sequel is coming out in April! Unfortunately, I probably won't be able to read it anytime soon, but it's definitely on my list!
Featured Spots
We've had these up for a long time now, but we've only used them a couple of times. I've posted an opinion poll about what to do with these spots. Please cast your vote, and if you have suggestions, leave them in the thread or PM me with your ideas.
There is no mini-event this month. However, there is a background library event that you can mention in your threads. Stonewood is having a spring book sale!

Throughout the year, the librarians collect donations from patrons. They save ones they can use as replacement copies or to put in the book sale. Also in the book sale are books that have been removed from circulation and are in fair enough condition to sell. The book sale is happening in the meeting room during St. Patrick's Day week and weekend (March 12-18th).

How does this book sale make your characters feel? Nervous about being taken from the shelf one day? Happy that there's a chance they might not be destroyed once their time in the library has come to an end? Do they have friends in old books that are up for sale? Do they want to destroy other library books so they have no chance of being sold later? Incorporate this plot into your threads however you like, and do remember to keep making headway with the gang sub-plots!

Activity Check
With my move abroad and with the holidays, we haven't had an activity check in a while. Spring is as good a time as any to do one. The check will run for one week, so be sure to post there as soon as possible.
Advertising Moderator
Just a reminder to anyone interested, we're still seeking an advertising moderator, which you can read about here.


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